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Electrical Insulation Tape
H.F.I supplies PVC tape, polyester film tape, polyimide tape, PTFE tape, Flame retardant acetate cloth tape, glass cloth insulating tape, aluminum foil tape £¬etc.
FW-6251 Polyimide Film F46 Adhesive Tape ,This tape applies in insulation material for electrical wire winding, which is molde
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FW-241 Polyimide Film Thermosetting And Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape.It can be used for H grade insulation of electrical e
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PVC Electrical Tape
PVC Electrical Insulating Adhesive Tape,It is suitable for electric insulation, wire harness, degaussing coils spooling etc.,
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PVC Flame Retardant Tape
PVC Flame Retardant Adhesive Tape, It has especially high flame retardant.It is suitable for Wire and cable insulation connect
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