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Polyimide Film
H.F.I supplies HN polyimide film, CR corona resistant polyimide film, black polyimide film, polyimide aluminum coating film, polyimide tapeŁ¬ etc.
6051 Polyimide Film
6051 is a typical general-purpose polyimide film with the thickness: 12.5 micron to 225 micron.

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6052 Polyimide Film
6052 is maily used for electronic appliance, FCP, FCCL etc.
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6051CR Polyimide Film
CR PI film is developped specifically to withstand the damage effects of " corona".
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6051FCR Polyimide Tape
FCR is made by coating or laminating Teflon FEP od one or both CR polyimide film sides.
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6051FEP Polyimide Tape
6051FEP is formed by coating Teflon FEP fluoropolymer on one or two sides of polyimide film. It will be adhesive when the temp
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6051HS Polyimide Tape
6051HS Polyimide tape is known as high temperature tape or polyimide tape. It is made of polyimide film with heat resistant si
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Pressure-sensitive Polyimide Tape
Pressure-sensitive Polyimide Tape is used for H grade electrical equipment and cable.
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6051B Black Polyimide Film
6051B is ideal material for heat-resistant tape, heat-resistant labels and black cover lay, etc
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