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Polyester Film
H.F.I supplies 6020 PET film for electrical insulting, 6021 milky white PET film, PET film for solar battery, PET film for heat transfer, PET release film, Optical PET film, Matte PET film, Anti-static PET film etc.
Diamond Dotted Patten Resin Coated Polyester Film
Diamond Dotted Paper(DDP) is made of electrical insulating paper with diamond-shape epoxy resin dotted on both sides.

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FW-6020 is one kind of transparent polyester film
The product is non-poisonous, and no special precautions are required.It is

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FW-6021 is one kind of half-extinctive white color polyester film.It is suitable for insulation in electric motors, making fle
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FW-6023(V2) is a kind of biaxial oriented and uniform yellowish polyester film which consists of polyethylene terephthalate ch
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FW-DK10&DK11 Polyester Film for Flexible Circuits and Membrane Switch. It has low thickness tolerance, low shrinkage, good pla
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