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Aluminium base PCB

Board Types:
Multilayer rigid PCB's up to 36 layers
Flexible and flex-rigid circuits up to 18 layers
Controlled Impedance
HDI (high density interconnect)
Hybrid Builds
Blind and Buried via holes
RoHS and UL compliant on request

FR4 Standard epoxy and high temp versions
Polyimide, Polyester and PET
PTFE (polytetraflourethylene) and Duriod (glass reinforced PTFE composite)
Aluminium based materials
Ceramic and exotic substrates with higher maximum operating temperatures, lower coefficients of expansion and/or higher Tg levels

Aluminium base PCB

Material:Aluminum, 1.2 mm

Copper Thickness: 1 oz (35 mm)

Surface finishing: Lead Free HASL

Color: White

Solder Mask, Black Silkscreen

Min line width/Space: 0.4 mm/0.5 mm

Min hole diameter£º0.5 mm


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